Historical Girona

Our quilting group has arrived in Girona for a couple of days. We had a two hour guided tour around the historic old town. The hotel is very conveniently situated in this area, across the river from a patchwork shop and an old fashioned haberdashery. There is also a ‘Patchwork Bar’, with quilts displayed on the walls. The thick, dark hot chocolate went down really well.

We have had time to wander, exploring old narrow streets and fun shops and eating at some typical Spanish restaurants. Four of us enjoyed a three hour lunch yesterday, five courses which looked as if they could have been on Masterchef, wine, water and coffee all for 16 euros each!

This afternoon we had a one hour coach journey through the countryside to RC Quilts and patchwork shop.
Christopher Lewison, spent his time in the shop writing this poem.

Patchwork Ladies

Exploring, Stroking,
Smiling, Caring.
Choosing, Picking,
Dismissing, Sharing.
Calling, Comparing,
Discussing, Daring.
Vying, Sighing,
Trying, Buying,
A Quilting of ladies
In a fabric shop.

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