Kathleen would be proud

At Thursday club last evening, I thought I would take the bull by the horns and practise my free motion quilting on the Oops a Daisy wall hanging I have been making.  With open-toed darning foot in place and new thread on the spool I was away.  I echoed the daisies in the top half of the quilt and stemmed leaves and sead heads amongst the stalks and leaves on the bottom.  I was really out of my comfort zone – and what with creating scenes last week with Sally – I must be having a senior creative moment. 

I was pleased with the result and now have to make the daisies and put on the prairie point edging – which I realised too late should have gone on before I put the backing on the quilt, so I shall to be creative with the binding…..

BTW where’s the sun gone.  It’s grey and miserable looking out of the window.

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