The Sitges Quilt Show, Spain

Armed with a map showing the locations of the quilt venues dotted around Sitges, our group of intrepid quilters set off to explore. This was after an amazing breakfast which featured a huge selection including spicy sausages and gateaux.

Our walk took us along the promenade in the morning sun. The two shopping marquees did not open until 11am, how civilised! Instead we headed for the five very different venues which held the special quilt exhibits, from an old theatre to ancient stone halls. I have chosen a few quilts to show you…….

This one was titled ‘Dali Calling’, lucky for me I was walking with Vera who translated from the Spanish script.

This quilt had the most stunning workmanship, with lots of different fabric manipulations to give background texture.

Of course, we had to stop for a coffee break. Is that a rose wine, Deirdre?

There was an exhibition of Baltimore Album quilts, bought over by Elly Seinc…..can’t spell the surname…..

This town is a lovely venue for a quilt show which has now been running for 8 years and yet not many outside Spain are aware of it. We are all so glad we are here.. The mixture of lovely warm sun in March, great venues, good food and wine, quilts and friendly Spanish quilters is fun!

The four day show closes tomorrow, so do come back and see what else I have to report!

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2 Responses to The Sitges Quilt Show, Spain

  1. elly sienkiewicz says:

    Just wanted to say “Hola” to my friends Deidre and Deidre … I took too much time writing this the first and second time :) (before posting … and lost it all, mysteriously) so won’t elaborate … but what a thrill to find you pictured on the web – and find you as I sought images to write a bit of a blog myself on our exquisitely splendid, sun splashed, delicous food, friendship, and finest exhibit quilt-filled week in Sitges!

    I couldn’t agree more – this is a beautifully situated, beautifully orchestrated gem of a conference. Let’s spread the word!

    www. AppliqueWithElly (Sorry, these URLs didn’t “take” on your form, so have put here.)

    It was a pleasure to meet you both :) - and now your group news! Elly

    • Karin says:

      The two Deirdres and the rest of our quilting group were thrilled to hear from you! They enjoyed meeting you in Sitges and viewing your collection of beautiful Baltimore Quilts.

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